Reuben, John


John Reuben: Word Of Mouth

AMG: 4,5/5  "...not only his most mature work to date, but also his most musically adventurous....You won't find a truer, more honest, or more celebratory album this year"

Julkaisupäivö 6.2.2007
Levymerkki Gotee

Reuben, John: The boy vs the cynic (2005)

"Sounds like … Reuben's now-customary mix of rap, pop and rock, with occasional elements of disco, P-funk, and ambient techno".
" … like much of John Reuben's later output, this album is thought-out and well-fashioned, though its lack of focus keeps it from being truly outstanding"  (Christianity Today 3,5/5)

Reuben John: Professional Rapper