Vineyard Music

Unfailing Love is the major new studio album from Vineyard Records UK featuring the worship band from the Trent Vineyard, Nottingham who are also involved in New Wine Festival.

Vineyard: Shout To The World

Featuring the next generation of American Vineyard worship leaders, Shout To The Earth represents the best modern worship songs from Vineyard Music USA from the past 5 years.

Vineyard: Dwell: 14 New Songs of Worship (2004)

Vineyard: Welcome to the Party (2003)

Vineyard: You Are Not Alone (2003)

Vineyard: All Around The World (2002)

Vineyard: Come Now Is The Time (2002)

Vineyard: Desire (2003)

Vineyard: Free To Fly (2002)

Vineyard: Hold On (2004)

Vineyard: Hyms In The Vineyard (2002)

Vineyard: One Glimpse (2003)

Vineyard: The Call (2002)

Vineyard: Thousand Generations (2002)