Hazakim: Theophanies

Kahden messiaanisen juutalaisen muodostama kokoonpano, joka räppää messiaanista teologiaa!

Tutustu: www.myspace.com/hazakimcamp

Rapzilla:  "mostly excellent throughout and even its one or two merely “average” production moments outshine most anything else in the genre, ....a rare breed of album: it will satisfy you musically with its innovative sounds and enlighten even the enlightened with its emphasis on theology and apologetics, ultimately demonstrating that the faith of Abraham culminates in Jesus Christ. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase Theophanies immediately."

Julkaisupäivä: 18.8.2009
Levymerkki Lamp Mode Recordings
Toimitusaika 7 - 14 pv